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Quality management

We are a certified enterprise according to DIN EN 9001:2000.

Quality management, however, does not begin with the certification – quality management is indeed company policy; full satisfaction of our customers being a very important objective!

For our enterprise this displays a perpetual task to adjust consequently the quality of our products and services in conformity with the demands of our customers. Quality and quality management are an integral component of our management. They comprise all business activities and are based on the following five basic principles: ...


Disposition and Logistics

As supplier of the automotive industry Nickisch has developed a unique core competence vis-à-vis its long-term customers in the automotive industry. The customer oriented working processes are determined in the way that the refinishing – performed by Nickisch – fits perfectly into the production plant of the value added process of our customers and can instantaneously be adjusted on a day-to-day basis.

Nickisch manoeuvres and processes more than 15 million components per year. We are used to deal with more than one million components per type per year for our customers: to assemble and process in the first place and to conduct and keep record with our high-capacity IT-system. Demand peaks and exceptional customer requests concerning design and finished part approval are accompanied by genuine service orientation.

Solution and supply management

As a result of 50 years of experience there is actually no component, which we have not worked on. On the basis of this long-time experience and on our broad expert knowledge we are capable to propose, calculate and offer competent solutions for the processing of your component. We are used to integrate all steps into the solution process.

A vast majority of our solutions is based on the combination of soft turning, hard turning, deburring by punching, broaching, grinding, cleaning and customised packaging. We know the needs and requirements of your distribution: finding a sustainable solution and creating an offer, which is resilient in practice, within days or hours. We create about 500 offers per year.




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