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Sometimes it is not possible to supply complex components with a bore e.g. blind bore using forging, casting or sintering. To overcome this problem we have specialised on this service.

In agreement with the customer’s construction, we utilise this chip cutting method for the finishing of the product. In order to be able to also put into effect cost-saving smaller batch sizes we dispose of several automated and semi-automated drill and cutting machines for the construction of bores and threads. Via the enterprise’s highly experienced toolmaking department we can construct and build mountings quickly and most importantly cheaply. We offer everything from a single source: solution-oriented, quick and cost-saving!

Lot sizes 100 to 50,000 components Semi-automated production processes
  Starting from 50,000 components Automated production processes

Dimensions Drilling Tapping drill hole
to 50 mm
  Thread-cutting M2 – M20

Material Forged steel  
  Sintered steel  
  Cast steel  
  Stainless steel  
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Nickisch mechanical face seals are precision seals for the operation and application of shafts in aggressive media. In order to obtain a consistent assembly quality of all components, mechanical face seals are manufactured making use of a special procedure...

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