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Besides grinding and lapping honing is one of the most important fine machining methods in the mechanical assembly of drills. Honing can be distinguished from other methods by the fact that especially using diamond honing stones, the cutting element sharpens itself. As a result one achieves a high dimension and shape accuracy during progressing material removal.

Honing is suitable for the processing of drills starting from 2 mm in diameter.
With enlargeable honing tools, which are assembled with diamond honing stones, and together with the working spindle of the honing machine one triggers both a lifting and circular motion, whereby material can be systematically removed. In this way high accuracies in dimension, shape and finishing quality can be obtained.

Honing commissions are conducted for the processing of different sized drills of different materials. Besides compliance with narrow tolerances and dead-lines one pays careful attention to an accurate and thorough component treatment according to strict rules.

For domestic and abroad customers for example we hone components such as pump elements and cogwheels .

  • We hone small batches as well as medium- and large-scale productions starting from 300 components per unit.
  • Dimensions and diameter from 2 mm to 80 mm
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Nickisch mechanical face seals are precision seals for the operation and application of shafts in aggressive media. In order to obtain a consistent assembly quality of all components, mechanical face seals are manufactured making use of a special procedure...

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