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Large-scale industrial turning takes place on self-loading pickup machines made by EMAG and Okuma. These machine groups offer ideal flexibility, shorten processing times, reduce fixed costs and require less space than conventional machine types.

Service products:

High-strength bevel gear sets with a ready-to-install toothing for car and truck applications for medium and large-scale production
Differential bevel gears with a ready-to-install toothing for cars, trucks and agricultural machinery
Coupling shafts with finished cold extruded inner splines and a ready-to-install toothing
Steering pinions with internal profile, outer spiral toothing and connecting geometry
Speed gears with spur / back tapered and spline toothing- Monobloc speed gears
Reverse idler gears with readily-forged spur toothing and complex tooth tip profiles
Coupling pieces for cone synchronisation
Coupling and shift components for commercial vehicles

In the area of industrial turning we work together with the market leading sintered metal and forge manufacturers. We are equipped with high capacities and have the ability to manufacture capacious lots inside of the supply chain specifically of the automotive supplier industry relying on the three-shift operation.

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Nickisch mechanical face seals are precision seals for the operation and application of shafts in aggressive media. In order to obtain a consistent assembly quality of all components, mechanical face seals are manufactured making use of a special procedure...

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